Holistic counselling/psychotherapy

Personal sessions take place in a safe and supportive environment, allowing you to explore issues, learn more about yourself and gain skills for taking the next step in your development.

It is a team approach, with the focus on your experience and choice about what inner and outer changes you wish to make.

Each session begins with a conversation and is usually followed by an experiential phase. We work together to make connections with your unique experiences, resources, beliefs, support systems and any other influences that may affect your life.

This approach allows the freedom to make choices and be in charge of the process. You are encouraged to express in ways that are effective for you in the context of your life.

Each person's experience and knowing is respected.

My background includes training in a range of approaches:

  • Psychophonetics - an expression and artistic therapy developed by Yehuda Tagar, and based on the spiritual work of Rudolf Steiner in Psychosophy
  • Adlerian psychology, parent education and counselling
  • Meditation
  • Sound therapy

This holistic approach embraces body, soul and spirit, in a creative, expressive and developmental journey of learning, understanding, healing and transforming, which is also skills oriented and educational.

The range of tools include: conversation, body awareness, movement/ gesture, visualisation and sound therapy. Drawing, clay and nature are also included as needed

Taking the next step in our development...

Based on your wish, we work together to find the unique, creative and experiential skills that connects you with your own knowing, strength, resources and potential.

Through this process, self-management skills can be developed to support effective and sustainable changes in everyday life.

It is an effective approach for people of all ages, as a way for personal and spiritual development.

All issues are welcome.


Problems are seen as opportunities presented by life for us to awaken

To our true being and potential

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